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I start slowly, quietly. My hands caress you with a delicate certainty. I keep my touch light. I don’t need to hold you in place, my words do that. You rest against me, quiet, expectant.

Your breath pushes you back against me, a slow hypnotic beat pressing against my chest. And I let that beat dictate my pace. Each breath underlines another slide of my fingers against your skin.

I run my fingers along the soft flesh on the underside your arm. As my nails rake raw trails across your pale skin, you hold your breath in response. My fingers come to rest, nestled in the crook of your arm, waiting.

The moment runs on, my body poised against yours. Fingers held against your skin. And then the slow release of your hold, the steady beat starts again. In, out. In, out.

And I continue my journey, my fingers tracing the curve of your upper arm until they become tangled in the strap of your bra. I slide my finger between your flesh and the strap. I pull it tight, building tension as much in you as the fabric. And then I pause and hold it there. I let the moment sink in, let you taste it.

I let my other hand spread out against your neck, each finger splayed wide, pressing down against that soft flesh. Those fingers push, demanding you move and expose that fine vista of your neck to me.

And it is only now that I hold you tight, to control you fully. I pull you in to me, head held down, neck trapped. And I hold you there. Still. Immobile. Apart from the slow rhythm of your chest, rising and falling, faster now.

I begin the slow ponderous slide of the strap over your shoulder. I follow its descent with a kiss against each inch of bare flesh it reveals. Kisses turning to bites as the fabric descends further.

My desire rises as I taste you. Each bite makes me want more, I need more. Might grip tightens. Tonight my mastery over you is going to be complete. I slide the strap lower and bite deep.

“Slow” Copyright 2013 - The Dirty Romantic


"There is certainly nothing wrong with kinky or rough sex, or pornographic depictions of such… But just as pornography is a poor substitute for a living breathing partner, kinky or rough sex alone pales in comparison to a dedicated and desirous bond between Dominant and submissive manifested in sexual expression."

~ For The Love of a Submissive, 2013

From the essay - Remnants

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